Pauletta Washington is a massive Donald Glover fan. BlacKkKlansman actor John David Washington, Pauletta's 34-year-old son with Denzel Washington, told James Corden on The Late Late Show Monday that his mother and Glover had a pretty epic run-in at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, after the new Spike Lee joint won the Grand Jury Prize.

“We’re at the after party,” Washington told Corden in the clip above. “We’re feeling good after a standing ovation and all that, everybody’s loving the film, so we’re dancing, we’re on tables, we’re drinking, cheers-ing. Donald Glover comes in. ... So I’m like, ‘Mom look, there’s Donald Glover.’ He just came off that big song he had, ‘This Is America.’”

He continued: “So she goes over there and started, like, chokeholding him [and saying] in his ear, 'You knocked it out, boy.' Just started stroking his fro ever so lightly, like this. And I try to break them up, like ‘I’m sorry Donald.’... He was cool about it. But I like literally tried to break them [apart], like, ‘Ma, stop, please.’ So my brother ended up taking her home because she was partying like a rock star.”

Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman rounded out the top 5 this past weekend, making $10.8 million for its opener. Washington co-stars with Adam Driver.