In the last four years, Jaden Smith has gone through multiple public evolutions, transitioning from Twitter phenom to legitimate rap threat with the release of 2017’s SYRE. He’s dabbled in the acting sphere as well, earning a role in the short-lived Netflix series The Get Down and the Ezra Koenig-produced Neo Yokio. In addition, he’s also set out to save the world, one box of bottled water at a time.

The prodigy, who turns 20 this week, has been a pop culture presence since he was old enough to walk. That can be at least partially attributed to being the son of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith, but we’d be remiss to neglect the fair share of work that Jaden has put in himself to earn his current status in the creative hierarchy. SYRE was a giant step for him, one he acknowledged in an exclusive interview with Complex in the aftermath of its release.

“I know that once it goes out, it’s gonna be out forever—and that’s a good thing, because I really want people to be able to connect with it, and look back on it, and talk about it,” he said. “I’m doing it all for the youth, so I have to let it go.”

As Jaden leaves his teens, it’s a perfect time to reflect on his contributions to one specific creative medium: Twitter. He’s been a constant presence on the platform for the last five years, sending out his various interpretations of the world around us in an effort to enlighten the blinded masses. It’s helped curate an image of Smith as an open-eyed philosopher, taking in information and disseminating as best he can.

To celebrate the “Icon” performer’s entrance into the world, let’s take a look at 19 of his best tweets.