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One of the best parts of Saturday Night Live has always been the ability to see actors and guest hosts crack under the pressure of the live show and create bloopers in real-time on stage.

Now, SNL has lifted the veil on their pre-taped segments, sharing a blooper reel from Season 43's film unit. The four-minute clip features memorable moments like Donald Glover losing composure during his A Kanye Place and Friendos skits, as well as additional bloopers from Will Ferrell, Pete Davidson, Tiffany Haddish, Ryan Gosling, Kate McKinnon, and more.

If nothing else, the video confirms our suspicions that Charles Barkley might not be a natural at remembering lines or avoiding the urge to curse on camera—especially while standing next to Chewbacca. Of course, veteran comedic actor Kevin Hart could barely make it through his lines during December's Captain Shadow & The Cardinal sketch, either.

In a nostalgic mood lately, SNL has been looking back and sharing favorite clips from the past 43 seasons on their YouTube channel. See a sketch from Season 39 that imagines modern hip-hop stars in obscure acting roles before they became famous (featuring an appearance by Drake as Lil Wayne) below.