Selma Blair has jumped onboard to defend James Gunn after he was removed as director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3

The actress took to Twitter in support of James Gunn after he was fired old tweets touching on subjects like rape and pedophilia. 

In one tweet, Blair wrote, "@JamesGunn I thank you for your talent, your decency and your evolution as a man. You propped me up when I was in a scary place, and guided me towards the decent and right thing to do. You have shown strength of character more than most anyone I know. You understood."

In another tweet, the actress shared a petition and wrote, "Marvel: RE-HIRE JAMES GUNN - Sign the Petition! Because if people are punished despite changing, then what does that teach people about owning mistakes and evolving? This man is one of the good ones."

The actress and Gunn are very close, and in a Vanity Fair profile, she said he supported her when she spoke out about her own sexual assault story.

Blair is not the only person in Hollywood that is openly supporting Gunn. Dave Bautista, who plays Drax in the series, wrote on Twitter, "I will have more to say but for right now all I will say is this..@JamesGunn is one of the most loving, caring, good natured people I have ever met," tweeted Bautista. "He's gentle and kind and cares deeply for people and animals. He's made mistakes. We all have. I'm NOT ok with what's happening to him."