Stormy Daniels can't rely on her go-to stripping move at her next gig. The stripper will not be able to allow any motorboating due to strictly enforced state laws, reports TMZ.

On July 22, Daniels will perform at the Pink Pony in Atlanta, where there is a rule for absolutely no motorboating allowed. Apparently, Georgia state laws prohibit any physical contact between dancers and their customers.

According to TMZ, the club will crack down on this law, especially considering Daniels' Wednesday night arrest in Columbus, Ohio after allowing someone from the crowd to touch and motorboat her during a performance. According to Ohio law, only family members are allowed to touch a nude or semi-nude dancer. The charges were quickly dropped because that law only applies to dancers who "regularly appear" at a club; Daniels was just a guest performer. This loophole does not exist in Georgia law.

Pink Pony always prepares for celebrity visits by keeping security guards present, and they will keep extra guards around when Daniels stops by. According to TMZ, the club has not received any threats regarding her visit, but they have received some complaints from Trump supporters.

Daniels has grown in fame after alleging that Trump’s lawyer paid her $130,000 in hush money so she would keep quiet about an affair with the president in 2006. Since then, she has also sued Trump for defamation after he called her a "con job."