Earlier this week, the owners of MoviePass announced a plan to raise $1.2 billion in order to combat its unsustainable business model, which allows its three million subscribers to see one movie per day for $9.95 a month.

Now, MoviePass subscribers will see a surcharge when "there's high demand for a movie or showtime," according to an e-mail sent out by the company to its customers. The "small additional fee" will be determined based on the level of demand for the film and showtime. This means midnight showings of Marvel's blockbusters will likely come with a surcharge. MoviePass also shares a way to avoid the surcharge is to select a "different showtime or movie." They'll also offer a Peak Pass, which will let customers "waive one peak fee per month." 

MoviePass subscribers will be able to see if their movie choice is in peak demand by an icon of a red circle with a lightning bolt inside next to it. There will also be a similar icon with a grey circle when the movie choice is rising in demand and will likely reach peak pricing soon. 

The company also states that if you don't see the icons yet, it may not be in effect in your area yet since it's "rolling out gradually over the next several weeks." However, the peak pricing does start today and will reflect on a "limited number of showtimes."