Blac Chyna’s mother has sent out a plea to Amber Rose.

On Wednesday afternoon, Tokyo Toni shared a lengthy Instagram post in which she accused Chyna of keeping her away from her grandchildren, Dream Renée Kardashian and King Cairo Stevenson. Toni, who claims to have not seen the kids in over a year, claims she has attempted to contact Chyna countless times, but has received no response; so, she decided to seek the help of her daughter’s good friend, Amber.

“Hey @amberrose you are the only person that I know that knows my daughter who does not fear her,” Toni wrote. “Can you do me a favor if it’s anywhere deep in your heart can you please tell her I said let me see those kids! I’m so very sorry to come at you in this way on social media but there’s no other way.” 

Toni went on to bash Chyna as well as the people who surround her daughter.

“All of her employees make up artist and hairstylist all of those people are sorry ass chumps,” she wrote, before announcing she would attend Amber’s 2018 Slut Walk. “[…] She has nothing but yes people around her and I hate every last one of them. If you could do this OK, if not OK love you kiddo.”

Toni and Chyna’s relationship has seemingly turned sour within the last year. In May, Toni went to social media claiming it’s been a year since she’s seen Dream and King, who are the children of Tyga and Rob Kardashian, respectively.

“I would trade all of my life in to start over from 16 years old but I can't I have to keep pushing! I wish and pray one day I see these angels,” she said in the post. “I don't have money to go to California on my own to see them! Don't ask me why. . . I still don't know why?”

Just last week, Toni blasted her daughter once again via Instagram Live, claiming Chyna refused to fund the release of her book.