Director: Bryan Singer
Starring: Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Spacey, Benicio Del Toro

What’s the score? $91 million dollar shipment of cocaine. Supposedly. 
Who’s calling the shots? Considering he’s the only one of the crew to make it, Verbal Kint.
Would I rob a bank with them? They’re professional, seasoned criminals, which makes them good at stealing, but bad at being trustworthy. Still, if I needed money and robbing a bank was the only way to do it, they’d be among the top people to call.

What happens? Keyser Söze is not a man to steal from. Legend holds that when he came home to his wife raped and children threatened by extorters, he didn’t attempt to save them. Rather, he murdered his family, then their kidnappers, then their families, then disappeared to manage his massive underworld empire. So when five cons learn they’ve all unknowingly ripped Söze off, and he wants them to destroy a cocaine-trafficking rival’s $91 million shipment in exchange for this offense—they’re not in a position to decline. With a character actor line-up that fits together like the 2004 Detroit Pistons, Benicio del Toro stands out for his flamboyant mumbling, Stephen Baldwin for his icy-blue insanity and Kevin Spacey for his Oscar-winning turn as the constantly calculating, yet seemingly helpless con man, Verbal Kint. The swirling script also won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. And the way it cultivates a sense of cloudy mystery for the whole movie that clears in one instant has rarely been matched. It’s the best film on this list, but not the best heist film.