Just as I was starting to suspect, being engaged is actually "fucking lit."

Pete Davidson confirmed as much during his appearance on the Tonight Show Wednesday. Asked about his recent engagement to Ariana Grande, Davidson kept things inspiringly candid, as usual. "I feel like I won a contest," he said. "It's so sick . . . It's fucking lit, Jimmy. It's so lit." Comparing his in-person encounters with strangers congratulating him on the engagement to those 2014 Derek Jeter retirement commercials, Davidson added that he's a "lucky motherfucker."

Still, the press coverage surrounding the relationship rightfully has Davidson a bit perplexed. "It's weird because, like, the president's trying to pardon himself and he's fucking a porn star," Davidson noted. "Shouldn't we care about that?"

Davidson, who recently guested on Complex's new original series Open Late, can currently be seen in the Netflix rom-com Set It Up alongside Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, and Lucy Liu. "It's doing quite well," Davidson said Wednesday. "I'm in it for like 10 seconds, but it's a great movie and you should see it for the other great actors that are in it."

Grande just announced the release date for her new album Sweetener. Featuring "No Tears Left to Cry" and the Nicki Minaj collab "The Light Is Coming," the release hits Aug. 17 and with a presumably great song co-penned by Missy Elliott.