Omar Gooding had a meltdown in a Las Vegas restaurant after his food was running a little late.

According to TMZGooding, the brother of Cuba Gooding Jr., was at a food court/bar space around 3 am on Saturday morning at Rio in Vegas. The Family Time actor was allegedly mistreating an employee of the restaurant because his pizza was taking longer than he would have preferred. A man who claims to have been a cop confronted him for his behavior. In a video obtained by TMZ, Gooding is seen challenging the man to arrest him.

Witnesses told TMZ  that the actor was "degrading" the restaurant employee because they were taking a long time with his order. When the man in the hat requested that Gooding step back and calm down, he flipped. The argument was littered with a variety of colorful curse words, including the homophobic f-word that Gooding said multiple times. He even called the other man a "retard" before security showed up to take care of the situation. There were no arrests made or reported taken of the incident.

Gooding spoke with TMZ about the incident and said, "By no means am I a hater or homophobic." He added, "My apologies for the offensive language, but that does not define who I am ... we calmly communicated, worked it out and all was forgiven." Besides, it was late at night (or early in the morning), his food was late, and according to Gooding, "Who wouldn't be a little impatient?"