Chris Rock has some strong words for the Obamas, who recently signed a Netflix deal to produce shows and films: stay in your lane Barack and Michelle, and steer clear of the hassles that come along with being in the entertainment industry. 

“I don’t want to live in a world where President Obama is worried about his Rotten Tomatoes score,” the legendary comedian said. Rock signed his own deal with the streaming and distribution company in 2016, for two stand-up specials, which reportedly netted him a $40 million bag. Most recently, Rock appeared in the Netflix film The Week Of with longtime friend and collaborator Adam Sandler.

“I want him above that at all times,” said Rock about Obama dipping his feet into entertainment. “Make your money, but I don’t want [him] to be involved with that.”

When asked what kind of advice Rock would offer the Obamas, though, if he had to, the stand-up comic had a pretty decent suggestion on deck. “I’d just send them over to Donald Glover,” he said. “That’s what I’d do.”

With a more than solid track record and a hot streak as smoldering as Glover’s—who just starred in Solo: A Star Wars Story, hosted SNL, and created one of the most socially and politically incisive songs and music videos of the year—that’s pretty good advice.