Actor: Donald Glover
Series: Atlanta Robbin' Season

Has any single character of a television show had more of an impact than Teddy Perkins? It's doubtful. For a show like Atlanta, which is already some of the quirkiest shit to ever hit television, it's still insane to think that Donald Glover and company devoted ~34 uninterrupted minutes to a standalone Darius episode centering around a man that may have been a muse for Glover to dissect what fame did to artists like Michael Jackson. Glover totally immersed himself in the off-beat character, staying in the wig, lighter skin, smoking jacket, and more while directing the episode, speaking in the weird voice and employing the awkward mannerisms.

That the episode, which ended with Teddy and his brother (father?) meeting their demise in horrific detail further kept the mystery behind the episode, and who/what Teddy was (and represented) that much deeper. An intoxicating character to help explain the frighteningly terrible ways some stars (and people in general) view themselves, and how these views can twist and turn into the macabre. —khal

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