Zazie Beetz will portray an extremely lucky Domino in Deadpool 2. But one of the jokes in the film (as seen in the trailers so far) is whether or not Domino's power of luck is a "real superpower" or an "imaginary" one.

"She's lucky," explained Beetz on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The late-night host then asked her whether or not it's the "best power to have."

"It is," she said. "I think it serves you kind of in all ways. You're just kind of in a way better at everything, everything just works better [...] I never really get like hurt cause I'm just sort of, it just works out."

But unfortunately for Deadpool and the rest of the team, her power doesn't extend to them. "She can warp probability in her favor and only for her and no one else around her," explained Beetz.

While on the talk show, Beetz also admitted to not watching Deadpool before she was cast in Deadpool 2. She also shared she won't be getting into the music business despite her music-inclined last name.

"So many people have suggested that I enter into the music industry," she said. "I took guitar when I was ten and that was it." But Kimmel reminded her that she doesn't have to be "good to be in the music industry."

Check out Beetz' interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! above. Deadpool 2, which stars Ryan Reynolds, Beetz, Terry Crews, Josh Brolin, and Lewis Tan, arrives in theaters on May 18.