While most of us have made peace with the fact that the era of classic Star Wars films is gone forever, and that aging is indeed something that occurs even to cinematic gods like Harrison Ford, one fan took it upon himself to digitally replace Alden Ehrenreich’s face with a young Harrison Ford’s in a Solo: A Star Wars Story movie trailer edit.

“By all accounts Alden seems like great actor and good guy,” reads creator Nick Acosta’s YouTube description. “But I couldn’t help wonder what would this movie would look like if you could magically transport a young Harrison Ford to play his iconic character.”

As you can see, this thing is incredibly rough—Ford’s face is often barely connected to Ehrenreich’s body, and seemingly afloat in digital space. It’s pretty hilarious, frankly, particularly when Emilia Clarke’s character tells Han Solo, “You look good. A little rough around the edges—but good.”

True Solo utilizes clips of Harrison Ford before he acted in the original Star Wars. I farmed movies, tv episodes and even still photographs that I graphed onto Alden Ehrenreich’s face and animated. Notable clips are from his early roles in American Graffiti, The Conversation, and a very bizarre appearance on the '60s sitcom Love American Style.” 

To be completely honest, after watching the trailer in its digitally altered entirety, I would pay an extra $5 to watch Solo with Acosta’s ideas in place. While I’m a staunch proponent of using humans as actors in a live-action film, there’s no doubt we’re headed for a future where it’ll be hard to discern which character is an organic being and which is comprised of ones and zeroes.