According to Deadline, comedian Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne’s First Ladies script—which Netflix is turning into a comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Notaro as President and Vice President, respectively—has not only been picked up by the distributor but will be produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay among others. 

The premise is so high-concept, it’s revealed in the title itself. Aniston and Notaro will play the first same-sex married couple to run the White House as President and Vice President Nicholson, respectively. While this is most definitely a comedy, we can probably expect a fair amount of incisive social commentary and political musings from the script, as stand-up comedian Tig Notaro, who wrote the script, is a pretty acute social observer. 

Regarding the plot, that’s pretty much all she wrote at this point. The movie is being produced by a strong group of comedic talent including Notaro and Aniston themselves, co-writer Stephanie Allynne, Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, Jessica Elbaum and Betsy Koch. That’s a bad batch of professional funny people right there. Remember, Ferrell and McKay alone are responsible for classics like Anchorman, Step Brothers, The Other Guys, and producing Eastbound & Down.

As for Notaro, who recently developed a relationship with Netflix (her one-hour special, Tig Notaro Happy to Be Here premieres on the platform next Tuesday), she’ll be directing Ellen DeGeneres’ Netflix special in addition to just successfully having sold First Ladies. With a strong work ethic and talent like that, seeing her in the highest office in the land makes total sense.

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