Six months after eight women accused Charlie Rose of sexual harassment, three women filed a lawsuit against the former CBS talk show host for discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment.

TMZ identifies the three women as Rose's executive assistant, Sydney McNeal, broadcast associate, Katherine Brooks, and a news associate, Yuqing "Chelsea" Wei. The former of the accusers reportedly said Rose told them he hired them because "he likes tall women." The lawsuit docs, according to TMZ, also said Rose "would repeatedly caress and touch their bodies, including their arms, shoulders, waists, and backs" and at one point suggested for the women to start a sexual relationship with each other.

Wei said Rose referred to her by two names: China Doll and "fucking idiot." The latter of which allegedly happened when she booked a flight for him without a lay-flat seating option. Harris also claimed he yelled expletives at her as well. "I didn't know that I hired a fucking kindergartner," he reportedly told her at one point.

Harris and McNeal say they were both fired after The Washington Post's explosive article which exposed the first wave of sexual harassment allegations against Rose. Not long after, Rose himself was fired. Now, the three women are not only suing Rose but CBS as well.

As for Rose, at least 27 women have accused him of sexual misconduct in the workplace. Gayle King, who was a co-host with Rose when he was at CBS, shared her thoughts on the latest allegations.

"I have a very bad case of deja vu, I have to say," she said on CBS This Morning. "I feel sick to my stomach. I don’t know what to say about this."

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