More than a few fights have broken out at the dinner table over the last corner piece of lasagna. Coveted for its crispy edges and slightly burnt layers of sauce and cheese, this slice far surpasses the soggy consistency of the center square. At Don Angie, one of the more exciting Italian-American restaurants to open in NYC in recent years, chef-owners Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli have devised a way to give each piece of lasagna the crispy blanketing of marina are robiola it so justly deserves. By rolling each sheet of pasta, cheese, and sauce into a pinwheel-like spiral, Don Angie makes sure every piece comes out of the oven cooked evenly to a golden-brown hue. Whether you're a traditionalist who only enjoys nonna-approved recipes, or an adventurer who tries every pasta that pops up on your Instragram feed, the lasagna for two at Don Angie perfectly blends the culture of old-world Italian cooking with the charm of the new.