Daniel Radcliffe is currently shooting Guns Akimbo, which, according to the IMDB synopsis, revolves around a man attempting to rescue his ex-girlfriend from kidnappers—using his gladiator skills. While the plot and tone of the film remain a bit nebulous from that slight sliver of info, it’s not as important as the behind-the-scenes photos and resulting memes we’ve been blessed with today are. 

Just take a look at the following images for a second, and tell me you’re not absolutely down to see Harry Potter packing heat, wearing bear slippers, clenching his teeth into his frantic-looking skull, and running around with two bloody hands that seem to have handguns surgically attached to them. Behold, the dopest marketing images for a movie of 2018. 

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time to sit back and appreciate our global community of internet users and meme makers. Once upon a time, images like these would simply come and go, with humor and wit being relegated to in-person conversation, and brilliant jokes being lost in time, forever. Thankfully, we now live in a time where movie studios upload images like these—and the online joke factory gleefully devours them only to add delicious commentary for the rest of us, just to ensure you at least get one chuckle out of your day. Thanks, everyone. Let’s have a look.

Fortunately, that’s not the least of it—there’s a whole slew of additional Radcliffe/Guns Akimbo memes out there, which we’ve graciously compiled for you after the jump. As a personal note, I’d like to propose that movie studios should change their rollout game up—stop it with the endless posters, and the teaser trailer for the teaser trailer. Just leak the craziest-looking still from your project, and let the internet do the rest. I, for one, have already purchased my ticket to this seemingly manic cocktail of guns, slippers and grimaces. How about you?