The birth of your first child should always be a special moment, but for Khloé Kardashian her daughter True Thompson was born amid the revelation that Tristan Thompson is allegedly a serial cheater.

During this time fans and fellow celebrities including Amber Rose and Cardi B offered their sympathy, advice, and downright animosity of Thompson to Khloé, who waited silently behind the scenes as the media circuit ran its course. Though not directly aimed at the drama, Khloé fired off a series of tweets on Sunday that seem to address her feelings about the whole situation. In summary, the reality star wants everyone to mind their business, writing “people these days are focused so much on someone else’s life instead of their own."

It’s unclear what set these tweets off. There’s a solid chance these tweets could be a defensive response to Kim’s online throwdown with Rhymefest, but her mention of “advice” makes it more probable that these tweets are about her relationship with Thompson.

Whatever spurred these handful of tweets, it’s clear Khloé is tired of people talking about her business, telling those offering up advice to focus on the problems in their own lives. “Most of the ones giving advice are in no place to give anything at all. Focus on your own world,” she wrote. “I’m sure there’s cracks there that need your attention. We all got em."