America's favorite pastime of ingesting things that may cause immediate physical pain, but is totally worth it, has given us the foremost talk show of our time: Hot Ones. On the latest episode, John Mayer—a.k.a. the best-dressed guitarist of his generation—joined host Sean Evans to consume hot sauce and discuss a variety of topics.

Roughly five minutes into the filmed spiciness, Mayer detailed the musicality of frequent collaborator Dave Chappelle's approach to stand-up. "Working with Dave Chappelle, that's when I realized I am a comic in a more of a passive way," Mayer said. "It's like jamming, really. I mean, I've seen him be on stage before for four hours straight without an instrument and he's not singing but he's jamming. I don't quite understand how it works but it happens and it doesn't look out of place. He, in some ways, is more musical than a lot of musicians out in the world now."

For the full John Mayer edition of Hot Ones, you know what to do.

Last year, Mayer celebrated turning 40 years young with a custom Ben Baller chain. "This is my top three best piece of work of my career," Baller told Complex of the piece, which features a certain Dude from The Big Lebowski. The chain boasts 41 diamond carats with VVS clarity, much like other things I will likely never be able to afford. "Everything was made in 18K white gold," Baller said. "So, over 1/2 a kilo of 18K gold total."