The pursuit of one's dream is evergreen. Everyone is constantly on their grind, trying to live up to the American dream of acquiring “self-made” successbecause for most, the only way to make it in life is to go and get it ourselves.

Staring Trevor Jackson (Grown-Ish) as the title character, Superfly follows an anti-hero’s audacious plan to pull off the perfect hustle to escape the game, and ultimately escape the streets. Much like Hype Williams’ magnum opus, Belly, this film provides a wide-open lane for Director X to streamline the style, art, and aesthetic of Hip-Hop visuals directly into cinema, thus modernizing the sometimes-stagnant medium.

With a soundtrack curated by Futurefeaturing the rapper's latest single, "No Shame"music will be as integral to this remake as Curtis Mayfield’s soundtrack was to the original movie; centralized in Atlanta, few other musicians could ever quite capture the essence of this particular story.

Hitting theaters June 15th, this film converges on the intersection of multiple strands of the culture—our art, our music, and our struggle and ambition. For a sneak peek of all that and more, check out the above trailer, brought to you by Superfly.