The existence of a show titled Dear White People really has some people feeling a type of way. A simple search on Twitter reveals that there are some folks out there who are actually crying racism over the title and/or the perceived premise of the series.

“Does the title ‘Dear White People’ still have you triggered?,” the narrator asks in the video below. “Are you feeling attacked? Angry? Feel like you need a safe space online? Don’t worry. We have just the solution for you.”

Now those people can wipe away their tears because Winchester University via Netflix has created a Chrome extension that will replace the title Dear White People with Dear All People. It’s a nice, little moment of consideration for a group of individuals who have been mistreated and overlooked for far too long, right? 

With less time spent feeling attacked over the title of a show, you can now better utilize your time profiling black students on campus and overly concerning yourself with black people who want to use a Starbucks bathroom