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After Tiffany Haddish appeared in Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's comedy Keanu, Peele asked her to audition for another little project he was working on—Get Out.

But Haddish wasn't having it. While on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Haddish explained why she doesn't "do scary movies."

"I don't do that. That's demonized kind of stuff," she recalled telling Peele at the time. But when Peele explained it wouldn't have demons, Haddish had other thoughts on the Academy Award–winning film's plot. "That's the white man trying to take people's souls out their body and opening up brains. That sounds like some demon stuff to me," she said. But she did tell Peele that she'd watch it..."in the daytime."

In the interview, Meyers went on to say how working behind-the-scenes of a horror film might be better than watching it. But Haddish heard the tales of The Exorcist, or as she calls it "one of them white scary movies," where the set was allegedly cursed.

"I don't want to get in no curses. People already curse me out enough as it is, I don't need no extra demon curses," she said.

It seems to have worked out for Haddish though, as she's been prospering in the industry with a stacked set of projects underway including the TBS series The Last O.G. with Tracy Morgan, which just broke records for the network. Although she might have gained the wrath of Beyoncé (or at least the Bey Hive) for dishing on an incident where an yet-to-be-named actress bit Beyonce on the face.