Why go to the prom with one of your peers, when you can go with Killmonger aka Michael Bae Jordan aka the swolest star of Black Panther? We all dream of going out with our celebrity crush IRL, and one teen sort of made that happen by printing out a life-size cutout of the actor and taking it to her high school prom in Philadelphia.

Audeva Agyeman reportedly didn’t have a prom date, so she decided to blow up a 2014 photo of Jordan at the Academy Awards instead. The 17-year-old had apparently loved Jordan since his role on The Wire. "It took me an hour to choose the right picture of him from the Oscars in a suit that matched my dress, standing tall, big smile and staring straight so that it would look good in pictures," Agyeman told Essence.

Jordan wasn’t her first choice, but the attention she’s gotten from it clearly shows it was the best choice. She even took him out on the dance floor. "Well I asked my friend Tyler and he couldn't come because of college stuff. My other friend Dillon was going with someone else and everyone else said no because they thought it was weird to go to an all-girls school prom,” she said. “So I decided, let me make a cardboard cutout because I'm always being unique so I knew this would stand out.”

The Shade Room picked up photos and video of the happy couple, and Jordan saw the post and responded in the comments: "This is called commitment!"

With this newfound attention from social media, Agyeman is hoping to “meet her man” for real. "Honestly I’ve anticipated what I would say the day if I met him in person for a long time and still have no idea," she told Essence. "I'd probably scream, faint, cry, hug, hyperventilate, I have no idea!"


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