For the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping, host Joe La Puma was joined by Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp (a.k.a. fashion icon Will Byers) at Stadium Goods in New York City.

For Schnapp, shoe collecting is all about accruing rare and unique pieces, not following trends. "I love shoes that are kind of different, like, that no one else really wears, and that's actually kinda why I find the Yeezys not, just because everyone has Yeezys, I find it like less cool when it's so popular," he explained.

Still, Schnapp can't deny the power of a good pair of Yeezys in social situations. "I'm renting one for a day from my friend because I wanna impress this girl," he said. "He has the blue tint Yeezys and he's reselling them but I'm renting them for a day because I'm going to be with this girl I like and I want to impress her."

Catch the full Stranger Things x Sneaker Shopping saga via the video up top.


The last we heard about Stranger Things' upcoming third season, Schnapp's co-star David Harbour seemed pretty convinced that new episodes won't drop until 2019. "Theoretically, if we keep on the same timeline, what's our next release date?" Harbour told Variety last year. "I guess it would be January or February 2019. But I don't know. I would love for it to be as soon as possible. We just want to make them good, and good takes time."