For fans of Victoria Beckham, Shaq, and weather-themed flicks, James Corden bring us the Sharknado spoof we didn’t know we needed. Forget about giant great whites attacking from the sky, in this Late Late Show sketch multitudes of Shaquille O’Neals tornado through the city of Los Angeles, destroying everything in sight.

Spice Girl legend Victoria Beckham plays a doctor who somehow specializes in stopping this form of natural disaster. With the help of Corden, she lobs basketballs at the torpedoing NBA star and his duplicates, in order to stop Shaq from violently ramming into anything and everything. At the height of the three-minute skit, their helicopter crashes and Corden and Beckham engage in a brief and forced romantic *moment* when they announce that they are “falling for” each other.

The clip cuts to a scene of the dynamic duo at a bar where they are toasting to their success in defeating swelling, swirling, spinning Shaqs, when Shaq himself crashes into the bar and quickly apologizes for the mess. Wow, it was truly all a misunderstanding.

Oh, and Tracee Ellis Ross plays an evening news anchor in the clip.

Watch the full thing above and either feel disappointed or grateful that this hilariously tragic spoof is not coming to a movie theater anywhere near you in the future.