Avengers: Infinity War is only three days away from being released in theaters. But the buildup to the film all started with 2008's Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. as the titular character.

Now, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is gearing toward a major shift with the next movies, Downey Jr. is reflecting on the past 10 years.

"I want to talk about the past, present, and future," said Downey in a speech at the film's premiere, according to Entertainment Weekly. "The past for me was 30 years of dependency, depravity, and despair...otherwise known as ‘An Actor Prepares!'"

He continued: "The present is this moment of glory for all of us. And the future...? That is always uncertain. But looking at these friends behind me, it seems like things might brighten up after all."

With a whopping 18 films in the basket for the MCU, Downey Jr. clarified that the actors are not competing. Instead, it's for the fans.

"None of us are in competition with each other. We are all competing for each other—and for you," he said. But he also admitted that "Wakanda rules the day and rightfully so." He even ended the moving speech with Black Panther's famous salute: Wakanda Forever! He also noted that this is something he can do because he's "an honorary black man," referencing his role in Tropic Thunder.

Ever humble, Downey Jr. also concluded that his speech is one of the best. "I think this might be the greatest speech ever written!" he said to laughter.