Tonight, The CW closes out the first season of their latest superhero series, Black Lightning. Over the course of these 13 episodes, we've seen a hero of color that we can be proud of. The series not only brought Black Lives Matter and the importance of having an education to the forefront, but it did so with authenticity, giving viewers a black hero they could believe in. For POC comic book fans, who have long had many reasons to abandon the medium altogether, this is a significant advancement.

Like most forms of entertainment, the comic book industry has long been in the hands of white guys. That fact, paired with the terribly racist history this country has endured, has resulted in some of your favorite characters involved in racist or, at the very least, very problematic storylines. Hell, Black Lightning is legit from the Southside of Metropolis

With that truth in mind, here's a look at some of the most racist moments in the history of comics. From poor "White Savior" tales to the vilest depictions of black people in popular comics, your favorites have been on some bullshit. Let's continue to do better.