Chicago residents caught an early screening of Warner Bros.’s Rampage two days before it releases worldwide—and helped area residents in need while doing so.

In the film, starring Dwayne Johnson, a genetically mutated gorilla, flying wolf, and crocodile destroy the city, but Wednesday’s screening at Chicago’s City North 14 theater was all about doing good.

Taylor Bennett and Trashhand were on hand to pack lunches and write inspiring notes for Chicago residents with #HashtagLunchbag. The organization, which started as a movement in 2012, has a simple mission: pack a lunch and leave a message to make someone’s day better—and maybe, give someone living on the streets the only solid meal they’ll have that day.

#HashtagLunchbag is “dedicated to empowering and inspiring humanity to reap the benefits of giving.” The initiative is driven by social media, with the organization’s name doubling as a searchable hashtag for people to find out what the organization is doing in their city.

Tables were set up outside the theater, and the #HashtagLunchbag team helped people write notes and prepare Rampage-themed lunch bags. Then, everyone headed inside to catch a screening of the film and watch Davis Okoye (Johnson), a primatologist who shares a bond with his otherwise sensitive, intelligent gorilla friend George. However, George transforms into a raging giant after being genetically mutated, leading Okoye to team up with a discredited genetic engineer. Together, they try to prevent worldwide catastrophic damage, as George and the other genetically altered monsters destroy everything in their path.

Catch Rampage in a theater near you on April 13.