Castlevania is back, and this time it’s an exclusive for the iPhone’s iOS platform that brings it back into the fold.

Although a 2010 entry into the franchise marked the first time this property found its way onto the iPhone, it was a watered-down puzzle game that left much of the series' appeal on the table. Developer/publisher Konami’s announcement today—a four-player mobile game with a single-player option—will make Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls the first substantial mobile option for fans of the franchise.

According to Variety, the game is expected to drop this year, and will feature four-player boss rush modes, a battle mode pitting the four against each other, and a very welcome single-player option. You’ll be able to choose from classic characters of the series like Simon Belmont or Alucard, and newer ones like a researcher named Lucy or a Japanese government agent, Aruma Genta.

In terms of the setting, Grimoire of Souls takes place in peace times, where Earl Dracula has vanished and all is well—until one godforsaken letter, propelling the game’s narrative, brings an end to that era. While there’s no official release date yet, you can sign up for a beta version on the game’s website. This franchise began a stunning 32 years ago, with this newer mobile entry significantly demarcating the times we live in.

In an era where Fortnite is breaking records, it makes sense for Konami to focus on platforms like iOS. Hopefully, we'll get to revisit this nostalgia-laden property and its atmosphere sooner rather than later, although the promised 2018 release date is already reason enough to celebrate.