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There are only a handful of people who know exactly who Beyoncé at a VIP party in Los Angeles last December. Tiffany Haddish was there. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have inside information. And while the ultra-exclusive group seem hell-bent on moving past bite-gate, Ellen DeGeneres is here to say: "Not so fast." During Legend’s appearance on her show, the daytime host couldn't help but grill the singer about the infamous incident.

When DeGeneres asked Legend about the night in question, he felt the need to clear the air. "We weren’t there, first of all," Legend said. "But we know people who were there, and they know who it was. We know who it was and we’re not talking about it, though." 

This isn't the first time Legend was asked about it. Earlier this month, he told The Breakfast Club that he and his wife were sworn to secrecy. Since Haddish spilled the tea in March, everyone has been wondering who had the gall to bite the most famous woman on the planet. Most evidence points toward actress Sanaa Lathan, but thanks to an NDA, we may never know the truth.

I AM NEVER TELLING I’m scared I’ve said too much KNOWLEDGE IS A CURSE!

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) March 26, 2018

Legend did let Ellen and the audience know that his daughter Luna recently said "Beyoncé" for the first time. "I feel like I should write it down in her baby book," he joked.

Ellen also quizzed Legend on how well he knows his wife. Tiegen played the same game with Ellen back in February, and did terribly. The Jesus Christ Superstar Live! star fared much better. He correctly answered questions about his wife’s career, her middle name, her most infamous meme, and her favorite word (hint: it starts with an 'f').

Legend closed out his appearance with the first TV performance of his new single  “A Good Night.” Check it out below.