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John Krasinski's successful box office thriller A Quiet Place starring himself and his wife Emily Blunt will be followed up by another project likely to also be picked up by Paramount Pictures.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is called Life on Mars, an adaptation of a 2013 short story called We Have Always Lived on Mars by Cecil Castellucci about descendants of a human colony on Mars. As the tale goes, a woman from the colony discovers she can actually breathe the toxic air on Mars, unlocking the mystery of the disaster that stranded them on Mars in the first place. Krasinski found the story and brought it to Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form of Platinum Dunes.

There is no writer confirmed for Life on Mars, but the word is that Krasinski will work behind the camera only as the director and producer alongside Allyson Seeger, an executive at his Sunday Night Productions company.

In the meantime, Krasinski has a lot to celebrate. A Quiet Place raked in an impressive $50 million on its opening weekend, landing at No. 1 at the U.S. box office. This all bodes well as for the former The Office star, who is steadily earning clout as a director to be reckoned with.