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It turns out Jimmy Fallon has a knack for gift-giving. During Cardi B's recent visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the late-night host gave her a nice package for her the baby in her tummy.

Page Six reports Fallon, who has two kids of his own, gave her a teddy bear wearing a T-shirt with one of Cardi's famous phrases: "Washpoppin," a bedazzled bottle, a faux leopard fur jacket, and his own children’s book, Everything Is Mama. "She really got choked up when we started talking about baby books," said Fallon.

After announcing her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live! while performing one of her latest singles "Be Careful," Cardi joined Fallon as not only a guest but as "the first late-night co-host that isn't a white guy" as well. And she was so good, Fallon wants to bring her back for more hijinks.

“She was so fun to work with and funny at rehearsals...Had the whole crew laughing. I wish we could’ve had two hours," said Fallon. As for her pregnancy announcement, Fallon relayed that it changed up Cardi's world. "It’s starting to feel real to her," he said.

But she's ready. " I'm a grown woman," she said on The Breakfast Club yesterday. "I'm 25 years old [and] I'm going to say this in the most humblest way, I'm a shmillionaire and I'm prepared for this."  

She's prospering on the music side as well after releasing her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, she's slated to take the stage at Coachella this weekend.