Lately, it feels like every TV show is a reboot or a reimagining of some '90s classic. Movies are similar, as Marvel continues to churn out blockbusters and sequels just keep getting green-lit. While that’s all well and good, it just goes to show how exciting it is when a truly new idea is given the time of day.

Here’s an example: 20th Century Fox is partnering with interactive film company Kino Industries to create an app that will allow audiences to literally control the storyline in a Choose Your Own Adventure film, Variety reports. The technology is called CtrlMovie.

Already in the works at Fox, the film is based on the '80s book series that asked readers to map out their own storylines by picking various plot twists and endings. Viewers will vote for different characters to do different things throughout the movie via their smartphones. 

In this way, the film will have multiple plots, endings, and running times, depending entirely on the what the audience chooses. The idea is that the tech is applied seamlessly, with no obvious breaks between scenes. 

Remember that 20th Century Fox was bought by Disney in a massive deal that is expect to finalize by 2019. If CtrlMovie is implemented successfully, we can expect Disney to apply it to its own movies at some point in the future.