Ronan Farrow appeared on Bill Maher’s HBO late night show Real Time to discuss his new book War On Peace and the 2018 Pulitzer Prize he won for his reporting on Harvey Weinstein. Farrow’s investigative reporting helped to uncover Weinstein’s sexual abuse allegations, which appeared in The New Yorker in late 2017.

After speaking on foreign policy, 30-year-old Farrow and Maher discussed #MeToo. Maher wondered if the movement had gone too far and caused “a backlash that’s hurting it,” as he pointed to Sen. Al Franken, Aziz Ansari, and Garrison Keillor.

However, Farrow disagreed, asserting that the movement has become fairly good at “self-regulating,” also contending that no one thought Ansari and Weinstein’s offenses were on par.

“But he’s not around any more,” Maher said, speaking about Ansari.

Steadfast in his viewpoint, Farrow insisted that the conversation had been kept secret for many, many years, and that it has spawned “so much pent-up anger and heartbreak and lack of accountability, that I do think it’s understandable it’s coming out in torrents right now.”

Maher wrapped the conversation up by telling Farrow that he’s doing “amazing work” and “obviously” shares his mother’s “incredible passion—and your father’s steely ambition, whoever that may be!” Farrow’s mother is actress Mia Farrow. While it was believed that his father is Woody Allen, there has been some speculation since 2013 that Ronan’s biological father is Frank Sinatra.