I don't care what anyone says: Black Panther didn't break all of those records because of diehards alone. If your screening(s) went down like any of mine did, you had van loads of aunties, church groups, and more strolling into the theater to witness "the strength of the Black Panther." They didn't know a thing about Marvel Comics, the Cinematic Universe, or what an Infinity Stone is, and it was okay. That just goes to show the power of Marvel storytelling (and that dynamic cast) forming like Voltron to bring forth one of 2018's illest films. But that was only a setup for Avengers: Infinity War, which is not only the next huge tent pole film in the MCU, but will feature the long-awaited battle between Thanos and the entire Avengers conglomerate.

While OG comic fans like me have been patiently waiting 10 years for this film to drop, there's going to be a number of Marvel novices flocking to the theaters because they saw Wakanda in the trailers and can't miss seeing #blackexcellence on screen once again. With that being the case, we need a crash course for those audience members ASAP. You already know what time it is, right? Here's a quick explainer on what any MCU novice will need to take note of while watching Avengers: Infinity War. This should cut down on any and all questions during the movie. Thank me later.