With Avengers: Infinity War finally out today in the U.S., the film's promo cycle has gone into overdrive. However, the James Corden stop definitely wins the prize for best use of the huge cast. Corden managed to get Tom Hiddleston, Chris Pratt, Benedict CumberbatchDon Cheadle, and about half of the movie's stars for a tour around Hollywood.

The get-together included performing a song alongside Reggie Watts, sightseeing, and ridiculing Josh Brolin for not having appeared in at least three Marvel Cinematic Universe films, which Corden claims is the requirement to have toiler privileges on the tour. It's clear everyone had a lot of fun; Cheadle, Pratt, Cumberbatch, and Anthony Mackie, in particular, come across as great sports.

Before wrapping up the tour with another singalong and a surprise appearance from Chris Hemsworth, the bus stops by a local comic book store to offer some fans the chance to get their comics signed and get pictures with the cast. Watch the segment above before the trip to the theater.