Amber Rose is an outspoken ally of women everywhere, continually doing everything she can to support and protect women and their sexuality. She's unafraid to call out social media haters for their problematic stances, and she stands up for people no matter her history with them. However, that kind of approach, no matter how brave, has its downsides, and she has been on the receiving end of vitriolic insults time and again. Although it’s unclear what exactly set her off this time, Amber took to her Instagram this morning to blow off some steam. Her emotional posts touched on the hardships of fame and how being a voice for women continues to motivate her. 


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“Sometimes I wish I can go back to being the regular girl from Philly when people actually liked me for me,” she wrote on an Instagram story captured by Baller Alert. She goes on to say the internet is “evil” and has “forever changed [her] as a person.”

“All they do is tell you to ‘suck it up, you asked for the fame, and now you got it,’” she continued. “I feel like no one wants to ever see me happy because they feel like I am undeserving of love.” She would go on to write that she didn’t choose this life, and instead it chose her. She is seemingly referring to a life of fame when almost any action or word that comes out of her mouth is publicly scrutinized by social media users at large. 

“Helping women that have been victimized, scrutinized, raped, slut-shamed and blamed is the only thing that makes me feel better because I too have experienced all of those things,” Amber wrote. “So I’ll continue to push the envelope.” She vowed to keep posting the kinds of content she is known for, like “sexy, funny pics,” so she can continue to set an example by being “an unapologetic sexual being.”