Candace watched all of Black Panther and came away thinking the movie was pro-Trump. Let’s get one thing straight right away: Black Panther was a nuanced argument about the historically complicated issue of race in America. The movie effectively picks apart the flaws in two differing arguments for how Black people should exist in a world that has historically discriminated against them and instead makes a case for a solution that is somewhere in between.

In essence, Candace argued that Killmonger’s line of thought in Black Panther is the same “vengeful, nonsensical, burn-down-your-own-neighborhood” rhetoric that Black Lives Matter has. It’s a reductive and frustrating analysis of the movie: the entire point was to make a complex argument that makes you sympathize with Killmonger and with the Wakandan view. She argued Wakanda thrived because it was “tough on borders” and didn’t let in refugees in, which are both examples of Trump policies, which is not true. For starters, immediately upon becoming king, T’Challah looked to his trusted, intelligent (and overwhelmingly black female) advisors to figure out how to lead. Trump, on the other hand, appointed Jeff Sessions.