Ever since joining Instagram late last year, there has been no shortage of peak dad humor from Will Smith. Yesterday, he created a tune and hilarious skit that is sure to be your next hangover anthem.

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, Will rocked a green outfit while rapping on that familiar, gut-wrenching feeling after a day of drinking. Proving his bars are still sharper than ever, he raps:

"I can't believe this/I'm rattled life in pieces/Like Seattle nights is sleepless / I'm grieving, I'm speechless, I'm dying, not facetious/I was drinking, she was drinking/We was dancing, wasn't thinking/It's not excuses/Look the truth is/I just cut looses/Just what Grey Goose produces/I swear if we get through this, I'll never ever do this/Again, baby let me prove it/Please don't throw me deuces."

Though he doesn't offer a title for the song, he does caption the video with a word of caution: "DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!"


This isn't the first time Smith has used Instagram's 60-second video limit to bring us a moment to remember. Back in February, he shared a hilarious recreation of his son Jaden's video for "Icon." He even dyed his hair as a genuine commitment to his son's look.

"Congrats on 100,000,000 Spotify streams, Jaden! It is a delicious gift to a parent to admire his children. Keep doin’ you!" Will wrote in the video's description.

In celebration of his 10 million follower mark, Will Smith compiled a supercut of all the exhilarating moments he's shared since joining the platform. "I've avoided [social media] for most of my career because in the past to be a movie star, you needed mystery and separation," he starts off before diving into some of his most memorable posts.

Our only wish is that he'd joined Instagram sooner.