There will be blood in Westworld season 2.

As much as fans were curious about the possibility of new parks, it seems like there'll also be a host-led revolution at hand.

Back in February, HBO teased information about the upcoming season on a site for the fictional company, Delos Destinations, that creates unique experiences with robotic human-like "hosts" for its guests.

"Decades ago, a man had an idea as old as human ambition itself, that the only limit to progress is imagination," reads the site. "The ability to see a better world. Delos Inc. was formed from that goal and nothing else, because James had nothing else. He used to joke that where he grew up, having dreams was like fighting gravity. But he never lost faith that his dream could take off, and now Delos is more than a name. It's a legacy." 

As we mentioned earlier, there are also set to be five parks including Westworld, the series' main setting so far, and the fan-dubbed Samurai World, which is teased at the end of season 1.

Fans can also catch a glimpse of the heart-shaped box in the first clip of the HBO show's next season.

Check out the trailer above. Westworld season 2 is set to premiere on Sunday, April 22.