Here's some news that your corny, pun-loving dad will appreciate. The official cups of Solo: A Star Wars Story will be, um, Solo cups.

On Tuesday, Lucasfilm announced six brands that will serve as worldwide promotional sponsors for the film, which hits theaters on May 25.​ Solo Cup Company will be joined by Denny’s, Esurance, General Mills, Nissan, and Symantec. In a press release, Lylle Breier, SVP Global Marketing Partnerships at Walt Disney Studios, explained that the brands have each done a "fantastic job developing first-class, innovative campaigns in support of the film." 

So, there's a very good chance the pun will be extended to all kinds of Star Wars-branded cups and ad campaigns between now and the film's Memorial Day release—for better or for worse. "We are excited to share the compelling experiences and relevant activations that our partners have created for our fans," Breier added.

Apparently, the partnership has been a long time coming. Before the hugely anticipated film's official title was even announced, it's code name was "Red Cup," a reference to the classic red Solo cup. Pun-obsessed Star Wars fans, cup enthusiasts, and dads everywhere have been begging for the collaboration for months—especially after some people noticed similarities in the logos from both brands. We guess this one was just too easy to pass up.

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