Oprah has been on quite the role lately. (I mean, when is she not?) Her rousing Golden Globes speech had many convinced that she should run for president in 2020. You get a democracy, you get a democracy, and YOU get a democracy!!

Anyway, Oprah politely dismissed the idea, saying she wouldn't make an official bid unless God told her to. Well, ask and ye shall receive, O. The media mega-personality just received an endorsement from Jesus Christ herself, and by that I mean a woman who legally changed her name to Jesus Christ.

Turns out Jesus is an 83-year-old woman who lives in North Waterboro, Maine. Jesus became Jesus 50 years ago. She told WGME-TV she uses her self-anointed holiness to write letters in order to spread “faith, peace, and priorities.” According to Christ (lol), she didn’t even know Oprah was considering a run when she reached out to her.

As Entertainment Weekly reported, Winfrey’s BFF Gayle King joked about the ordeal on Instagram, asking, “Is this the sign you’re looking for?”

Sorta-Jesus isn’t the only person who’s tried to drum up some divine encouragement to get Oprah to run. Even Colbert tried to create a faux “divine intervention” on his late night show to help her make up her mind.