If Mark Hamill isn’t your favorite Star Wars actor, are you really paying attention? The guy landed a Marvel movie role in the most chill way possible, can roast a men’s rights activist like no other, and knows how to fight for net neutrality while also making fun of Ted Cruz. Plus, he’s Luke Skywalker. What’s not to love? If you still need some convincing, then this latest story about how Hamill responded to a Star Wars fan who was scared of being bullied at school for wearing a Star Wars shirt to class will be the final straw.

The mother of a seven-year-old took to Twitter to find some love for her daughter, who was in tears at the prospect of wearing her Star Wars T-shirt to school because she was scared that the kids at her school would think she’s into “boy stuff.” The mom was just trying to get the Star Wars fandom universe on her daughter’s side to show her that not everyone is a horrible seven-year-old boy, and Star Wars T-shirts are objectively awesome.

Little did N.J. Simmonds know who would end up catching wind of her tweet and sending out some words of encouragement to her Star Wars-obsessed little girl: Luke Skywalker himself.

Hamill gave the little girl express permission to use his iconic shoulder-brushing move from The Last Jedi. Hamill’s message to his young fan, that “The Force is and always will be strong with females here on Earth,” is undeniably sweet, and it's just that much more special because he shared it on International Women’s Day (though that doesn’t seem intentional on Hamill’s part. He really was just being nice, it seems!).

Hamill is on a roll this week—he is set to receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday and will be treated to a speech by Harrison Ford at the ceremony. He even made sure there would be a spot for him by jack-hammering away Jimmy Kimmel’s star, igniting a feud between the two celebrities that we’ll be sure to hear about for years to come.

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