Donovan Mitchell may have flown over Kevin Hart in last month’s dunk contest at Staples Center, but no one in Hollywood has soared higher than the self-proclaimed comedic rock star in 2018. Just a few months removed from a rough ending to 2017, Hart’s career has never looked better.

Hart launched his next comedy project, the Irresponsible tour, which sold more than 500,000 tickets in one week. He became the most followed actor on social media, surpassing his frequent collaborator Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He hosted the NBA All-Star Game at Staples Center. Fox just put his animated series, Lil Kev, into production. And he introduced a sports talk show, Cold As Balls, which has racked up tens of millions of views while featuring noteworthy guests like LaVar Ball, Blake Griffin, and Draymond Green.

Now Hart has another YouTube original, What The Fit, debuting on his Laugh Out Loud channel today. Over the course of 15 episodes, which drop on Thursdays and Fridays, Hart links up with fellow celebrities to tackle “trending, grueling, and sometimes ridiculous” workout routines. The star-studded guest list includes Khloe Kardashian (goat yoga), Chance the Rapper (beer yoga), Leslie Jones (rodeo), James Corden (muscle beach), Jack Black and Chris Paul (basketball), DJ Khaled (daddy-and-me class), and Conan O'Brien (sumo wrestling).  

Complex caught up with Hart to chat about his various projects, his experience at the Super Bowl, what he learned from 2017, and more.

Can you give us a breakdown of your new show, What The Fit?
Well, it’s simple, it’s a very easy show. We wanted to find a way to incorporate fun and physical fitness, and at the same time incorporate my relationships that I have in the entertainment business. So we said, Why not put them in a fish-out-of-water situation to where they didn’t know what was going on, but I did, and it was something we both were about to jump into? It was a unique experience for both of us. It’s fun because I’m involving myself with comedic personalities, so you don’t lose at all.

It looks like you did some pretty crazy things. What was the most fish-out-of-water exercise regimen that you found yourself doing?
Probably the goat yoga.

What was that like?
Exactly what it sounds like, doing yoga with goats—it was pretty weird.

I know it’s probably hard to pick, but who has been your favorite Cold As Balls guest?
You know what, man, I would have to say LaVar Ball. Because I thought that it was an act, I thought that the persona that he was giving the world was fake and was embellished for TV, but after talking to him and realizing that’s him, it is no act. It just makes you go, wow! First of all, you’re blown away. And second of all, I left with a different understanding that this is just a guy who has an extreme amount of love for his kids and he wants the best for them, but sometimes in voicing it, it can come out as crazy and be misconstrued for other things. But also he’s just a dad who’s put a lot of time and energy into raising his sons, and he wants to see them all get to places that he couldn't go.

You obviously spend a ton of time around very funny people, but it seemed like you were genuinely entertained by LaVar. Do you think he could actually get up on a stage and do comedy?
Absolutely not. Don’t even put that bug in his ear. I was entertained, man, because I was blown away by the fact that it was real. With Cold As Balls, you’re seeing an individual in myself that’s able to bring out authenticity and real conversation in the environment of a cold tub. You’re asking questions and bringing up topics that the world may want to know about, and you’re doing it in a way that’s innocent, and there’s a high level of likability, which brings honesty. You saw LaVar be honest, you saw him really open up and say his POV, whether you like it or not, and you got to see that’s really what he says and how he feels. You can only respect a person that doesn’t backslide away from their self. Right or wrong, every individual is an individual for a reason, we can’t all be the same.

Here’s a very important question: Have any of your guests on Cold As Balls been more jacked than you?
No, I have the best body in the United States of America. You can Google that and it’ll pop up. Google “best body” and my name pops up.

What’s coming in your new animated series, Lil Kev?
It’s loosely based off my life coming up. So, a lot of fun, family-based experiences that are told in an animated way, where we’re able to push the envelope and kind of almost jump into that Family Guy-like light—that edgy comedy that is for our generation. The animation has been on TV, it has been around for quite some time, and it’s time for something fresh. And what better way to do something fresh than with Kevin Hart? No-brainer if you ask me.

I saw you on the What Now tour and I’m planning to catch Irresponsible. What can fans who show up to your new special expect to see?

I’m a firm believer in enjoying your life. You don’t live life for other people. Make sure that you make yours mean something when it’s all said and done.

This one here I think is my most real and raw hour and 15-20 minutes that I’ve ever put together. With standup comedy, you always want to progress as much as you possibly can. You don’t ever want to digress. You don’t want to go backward. So if I can constantly show growth in my life and my craft, that’s a bonus because I have an audience that’s grown with me. So you’re talking about a guy who does anywhere from 20 to 30 to 40,000 people per city. And the beauty of those people is that they started with me in the beginning, in all of those cities. Before I got to theaters and arenas and stadiums, I was in comedy clubs and lounges and bars. So those people can say, ‘Wow, we’ve been coming to see Kevin for nine years, 10 years.’ And they’ve seen my life go through the good, the bad, the ugly, and they see me talk about it. I think you can only have respect for a person that’s honest and open enough to always put that stuff out there. Ultimately I’m bringing people closer together through laughter and I think that will forever be a need in the world that we live in. So as long as I’m blessed enough to do it on this level, I will. So with Irresponsible, expect it to be at a very, very high level—it’s not just a show, it’s a production.

Last month you got to see your hometown squad, the Eagles, win live at the Super Bowl. What was that experience like for you?
One of the best days of my life, great time. Had a bunch of my friends from Philadelphia with me. We had a Super Bowl suite and drank ourselves into a stupor. We saw the Eagles make history. I went and put it in my head that the city of Philadelphia wanted to see me hold the trophy. In my mind that’s what the city wanted, which is why I was trying to get on stage during the presentation. You have to understand that I’m from Philadelphia, so in Philadelphia we do stupid stuff. I saw our city eat horse manure and slide down telephone poles, ride dune buggies, so it’s only right that I follow suit and try and be a part of the trophy presentation. It was for my city.

Have you drank heavily since then?
Well, that’s the thing, that’s why I was probably so bad—because I don’t drink like that. So no. Because I tried to go so hard, it hit me. It smacked me hard. But I would do it all again, man. I’m a firm believer in enjoying your life. You don’t live life for other people. Make sure that you make yours mean something when it’s all said and done. That day right there was a big deal for Philadelphia, PA, I bleed green, I am Philadelphia, I will forever boast and talk about my city, and now to have bragging rights, it’s a big deal. It’s a major thing. So me being intoxicated that day, all right, good, they got me, the world got to see that Kevin Hart drinks. I’m now part of a party of 500 million people that partook in that. I don’t know what people want you to say and do, but it is what it is to me. I moved on.

Kevin, it’s only been two months, but you’ve already had a big 2018. What did you learn from last year that you’re taking with you moving forward?

I have the best body in the United States of America. You can Google that and it’ll pop up. Google “best body” and my name pops up.

Jesus Christ. So much, man. Look, the name of my tour is Irresponsible. The reason why I called it Irresponsible is because you got to see Kevin Hart in an irresponsible light in 2017. And you know, there were some things that I was proud of, some things that I wasn’t. I think the best thing that I’ve learned is that with any mistake that’s made, owning the mistake is just as big as making it. So when you understand facing your wrongs and righting those wrongs ultimately because you’re not naïve to the stupid things that you’ve done, regardless of the level, that’s a high level of maturity.

Last year I got to see me really turn into a grown man at the end of that year. Sometimes you think that you’re grown and you still have little boy antics in you that you ignore because they haven’t been highlighted. When you see it on display in front of you, you’re forced to really, really grow up—and I did. And I’m thankful for the mistakes that were made because the guy that’s standing in front of you today is a better man than I was yesterday. And I think that as life goes on and progresses, there will be more situations where I’m able to grow and learn and become an even better man. When it’s all said and done, at the end of the book of my life, it should be closed where you go, ‘Yo, he did it the right way. He was a great example for so many—especially my son.' So last year was one where I really got to see a 180-degree change just in me as a person and me as a grown man. So I’m very excited about 2018, very excited about the things that I have on the horizon, and more history to be made. More epic shit to come.