The Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl victory against the New England Patriots was nothing short of a historic moment. And that moment was something a drunk Kevin Hart felt he needed to be a part of. The hilarious incident played out on live TV as the comedian dropped an F-bomb on the NFL Network after he tried to make his way to the podium.

“I was a little thing called, uh, intoxicated,” Hart explained to Conan O’Brien on Monday night.

The Philadelphia native told Conan how understandably excited he was for the Eagles win, so excited that he wanted to be on the field after the game. “We win, and something in my head said ‘I need to go down there with the team,'" he explained. “I had a look in my eyes I’ve never had before.”

He then explained that he took everyone from his suite down to the field without passes or any credentials. He successfully made it onto the field by screaming “I’m Kevin Hart!” at any security who tried to stop him. Once on the field, Hart's mind became set on getting his hands on the trophy itself. “I get another light bulb goes off, and I go ‘I need to get to the Super Bowl Trophy,'” he said.

Hart could have had his wish come true, but he was so drunk that when a player offered him the opportunity to hold the trophy, he turned it down to go onto the podium and try to...hold the trophy. He makes his way to the podium, even though the trophy is behind him, and the rest is history. Watch Kevin break down the full story in the video above.