When it comes to presidents, sometimes the devil you know isn’t as terrible as the devil you don’t. At least, that’s what John Oliver reminded all of us on Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight when he called out Vice President Mike Pence for being … well, Mike Pence. With at least half (the sane half) of the country buzzing about impeachment, it’s worth remembering that if Trump does indeed get the boot, we will be left with Mike Pence.

The “opposite of a silver fox,” or “ashen fox,” as Oliver calls him isn’t exactly a best-case scenario for America, and to make matters worse, he’s the one member of the White House staff that Trump can’t fire. After Oliver had his way with Pence's position on various policies, he took aim at his upcoming children's book, Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President about the Veep's pet bunny. Yeah, dude has a pet rabbit.

As Oliver noted in his relatively savage segment, Pence is extremely (one might even say pathologically) conservative. Aside from the fact the man calls his wife mother (ew), Pence is staunchly against abortion and women in the military, and things prayer can solve the HIV outbreak in Indiana, where Pence was governor. Oh, and he basically hates gay people and believes homosexuality can be “cured” (quotes mine) with “conversion therapy.” GTFO. With all this nonsense, one would be hard-pressed to find a single nice thing to say about the Veep, but that’s what Oliver promised to do after his totally accurate and well-placed rant.

In spite of Pence’s truly horrific stances on basically everything, Oliver conceded that Pence has an inconceivably cute pet bunny, Marlon Bundo. Guess Pence isn’t aware of the fact that human Marlon Brando was by many accounts bisexual. Anyway, when he wasn’t busy dodging questions about POTUS’s lies, the Vice President actually penned a children’s book about his furry friend and is about to set out on a book tour to push his wares onto the American public.