WWE wrestler and actor John Cena stopped by The Tonight Show to update the world on his engagement and show off his tween acting skills. On Wednesday Cena and Jimmy Fallon talked about the upcoming Wrestlemania 34 on April 8.

At last year’s Wrestlemania Cena proposed to his fiance Nikki Bella. “What the hell do I do to top that?” Cena asked desperately. “I could wrestle a centaur.”

But Fallon offered another idea. “You could get married,” he said as the crowd broke out into applause.

“I could get married,” Cena replied. “Sounds like a quaint place to do that.”

Jokes aside, Fallon then asked Cena how the wedding plans are going. “I was able to let Nicole plan the bachelorette party and she just finished that,” he revealed. “And now I’m just kind of on standby to know when it is and where it is, and I’ll be there.”

Fallon then asked Cena if he’s learned a dance yet for the big day. “I am super excited, and I’m going to have to learn a dance. I promised Nicole that I would spend the last half of April learning a dance,” he replied. “It’s not going to be any good, but I’m going to do the best I can...I’m going to put the time in because I want that moment to be special for her...If only I had a friend, a coach to show me something.”

Fallon takes Cena’s hint and volunteers to teach him a dance move he learned from Madonna. See how that turns out in the video above. 

In another segment of the show, Cena joins Fallon for Ew! where the host revives the role of the tween Sara and introduces the wrestler as Sara’s BFF Allison. The two practice for an upcoming cheerleading audition by dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Finesse,” and hilarity ensues. Watch that clip below.