If you already invest hours of your week consuming content on Netflix, then the company has what could be the dream job for you. The streaming service is looking for an Editorial Analyst, who will be tasked with the burden of watching their shows and movies in order to “rate, tag, annotate and write analysis,” according to the job description on their site.

As an Editorial Analyst, “timely and efficient completion of all projects” is required, which shouldn’t be all that difficult for the type of people who will spend an entire day binge-watching a series. While "experience with content analysis, coverage, and development," as well as "experience or education in media/video industry or archival studies" are considered a plus for an applicant, there's possibly one major hurdle you need to clear in order to make you the perfect person for the job. You need to be proficient in Japanese. It's a mandatory requirement.

Now, for those people who didn't immediately check out after reading those last two sentences, then maybe you have what it takes to be an Editorial Analyst for Netflix. Click here to apply for the job. 

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