Last summer, the author of The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood, revealed an out-of-left-field suggestion: Drake should get a cameo on the critically acclaimed Hulu series based off her book.

Fast forward to Sunday at Paley Fest in Los Angeles, where the cast for the show followed up on the idea by giving suggestions of the temporary roles Drake could fill should he ever opt to take the offer.

"Who would he play? Maybe Offred’s third baby daddy,"  Samira Wiley said to Vulture. "They would [make cute babies]!"

O.T. Fagbenle, who plays Offred's husband Luke Bankole, was having none of that idea. "She has to watch her mouth, I’ll tell you that right now,” Fagbenle said jokingly since it's a fictional marriage and all. “That’s not happening. My wife has been shared enough, thank you very much." From there he threw out an idea he actually would be down for, saying "He’s gonna play my brother, what are you talking about?! Isn’t that obvious? Luke’s brother, the singer, comes into Toronto. I mean, it writes itself."

Madeline Brewer, the actress who plays Janine (one of the handmaids), also tossed in her two cents. As Vulture wrote:

[Madeline Brewer] sees Drake in an authoritative role — preferably one that involves a forbidden romance. “I think Drake could be an Eye or a Commander or something. I’d be into that,” Brewer said. “I mean, Janine’s always trying to run away with somebody, why not Drake? Why not?!”

Not bad answers for a question they probably didn't know was coming. Seeing as how Season 2 will debut in April, if Drake's reading this, it's probably too late.

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